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tv   Vice President Joe Biden Remarks at House Democratic Issues Conference  CSPAN  January 28, 2016 7:08pm-7:18pm EST

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[applause] >> i like what it says, that we have got your back. you always have had mine, and i hope you know that i have yours. thank you very, very much.
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i guess i'm going to make a few opening comments, and then i get to do some questions. first of all, thank you thank you for the totally unwarranted introduction. i loved it. [applause] [laughter] >> he is trying to get out with the silverware. [laughter] >> it is a scranton thing. [applause] format and i -- for matt and ii our families have been tight for a long time. thank you for having me here. elizabeth, matt, it is good to be back, and, i mean,
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that sincerely. what i am going to do is spend about ten minutes telling you what i think we should be focusing on end i want to make it clear that political accumulative wisdom in this room far exceeds anything i can bring to bear, but i do have like that old joke, i don't know much about art, but, but i know what i like. that is kind of where i am right now. it is true, no one ever doubts that, i mean, what i say. the problem is, i sometimes say all that, i mean, which is not always a good thing to do. guess what, i am too long in the tooth to change. i think really the distinguishing feature of our party and the other team
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is, they are not bad guys, i do not view them as the opposition. our notion about opportunity. i was -- nancy has heard me say this before. i have spent so much time with him and according to staff 24, 25 hours of private dinners with him. i was having a private dinner, and he turned to me and said, can you define america for me? and i said yes, i can in one word. the distinguishing feature about america is possibilities. it is all about possibilities. what frustrates the devil out of me now, the nature of politics nationally is the other team talks about things that do not bear much
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resemblance to reality and secondly, i do not think they understand why we talk so much about the middle class. democrats don't talk about the middle class because of equity and fairness that because we know when the middle class stops growing the very fabric that has boundless country together and difficult times, socially and economically, has been a growing middle class that had an expectation that anything was possible. when the middle classed as well everyone does well. 's and the way the other team looks at this right now is different than the 36 years i spent in congress and the seven i spent as vice president. so, my viewso, my view has
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not changed since i got to speak to you in philadelphia. the best way to win, and i believe that we can win, but i think -- and i really mean this, we have to focus -- we did not do it enough. it's the best way to win is to run on what we have done and what we stand for. and run on what more we are trying to do, make it clear what we think we have to do to finish the agenda and in contrast that to what therefore and what they oppose. they get us debating with ourselves and we never talk about as a practical matter nationally what they are really for. they oppose every single solitary mission that you supported over the last seven years to deal with this recovery.
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the result is wages this last year grew 2.5 percent, not enough but beginning to get wage growth. they told us the automobile industry was dead. we sold more vehicles last year than at any time in the history of the united states of america. [applause] 's we taught the deficit by two thirds. here is the deal. we are all about doing one thing, and we have to make this message clear. itit used to be a basic bargain in the country, not a joke. at least from the late 20s, early 30s on. ..
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they saw what the next quarter is going to be, it's all the pressure on what has to happen in terms of dividends today. corporations have, they have responsibilities to all of their shareholders, their shareholders and that includes their employees, the communities they live in and so on. and so that culture has changed.
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along with a lot of other of a culture that the new republican party runs on. you know we are for more education. we are for a variety of people with pre-k universal pre-k, for free community college and i know you all get -- we talk about that and they say my god these democrats all they want to do is spend money. guys, when reagan was president there were $600 billion a year in tax expenditures. there are now $1.2 trillion in tax expenditures. find a responsible economist that can justify more than five or $600 billion of those tax expenditures having any social redeeming value, any. so how do we pay? >> should be making a fight and
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this is an alteration about community college. 9 million people it's estimated would go if it was free, would be there and that would cost us $60 billion over 10 years, $6 billion a year. do you know how much money we spend on tax expenditure for what they call stepped up basis? depth of basic goods if your father or mother are wealthy enough to leave you $10 million in stock that is valued at 10 when they die they bought it for two, hughes fell at 420, you only pay a capitol gains of 10. between two and 10 that $8 billion of capitol gains never gets collected. you know what that cost us a year? $14 billion a year to benefit two tenths of 1% of the population that is already very wealthy, does not need it, does not indicate they will invest it in any way that will improve the economy differently and


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